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About Us


The fragrances of India are as much a part of its essence as the vast blue coastlines, the thick forests and the seemingly unending green plains. Yet few luxury perfume brands have sought to capture this spirit, before BYDIVYA. 


Our fragrances are freshly crafted in small batches and are hand bottled in our studio in New Delhi, India.  We are committed to blending bespoke perfumes using only the finest natural materials bestowed to us by nature. We also believe that nature did not intend any natural scent or fragrance to have a gender and hence we strive to create gender-neutral fragrances to be enjoyed to one and all. 

These natural essences come from trees, plants, fruits and basically any part of a plant. These oils and absolutes are blended using the finest ingredients gathered from across the country to create a true olfactory journey for the curious explorer.

Each ingredient is hand cut, hand poured, and hand wrapped in small batches, in a particular sequence, at a specific interval and at a determined temperature to create nothing less than phenomenal.


We also work towards amalgamating signature scents as per the taste of individuals, which gives one an opportunity to find their own personal style.

We look forward to blending for you.

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